How interior increases functionality & efficiency of your space?

Part 1

Interior design can help to create a space that is welcoming, functional, comfortable and beautiful by adding proper elements and customization. 

Lets talk about how interior can turn a space more functional and efficient.

1. So, we use multiple accessories in kitchen like spice bottles, crockery sets, appliances regularly.

 If you make modular kitchen you can find and access each items easily at your fingertips. Also you can build pantry unit for storing groceries, rolling shutter to store electric appliances like toasters, grinders, kettle etc.

2. If you make custom made closet in your bedroom you can build different section for each type of clothes to find quickly. It your save your valuable time and reduce stress. Also you can organise watches, shoes, jewelleries and beauty products in seperate boxes in the closet itself.

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